Security Consulting

Identify your weakest points
for the strongest security.

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Deltaforce security consulting service
offers meticulous security diagnosis followed
by highly pragmatic measures.

Step 1

Deltaforce researchers for cyberattacks conduct black-box testing to find out vulnerabilities from a standpoint of the real attackers.

Step 2

Based on the discovered vulnerabilities, Deltaforce team together with experienced security solution developers devise comprehensive and practical measures to strengthen the security of the customer system.

Step 3

Deltaforce team provides security training to the customer company’s staff, enabling them to promptly react to future cyber threats.


Deltaforce consulting team
serves a wide range of industries

including finance, medicine, genetic engineering,
communication, education and more.

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Case Study

Japan’s financial services company group

After a one-time consulting project with one of SBI's affiliates, Everspin has won an exclusive contract to provide yearly consulting services to the entire group companies of SBI holdings.

Global DNA Analysis Firm

Consulting that caters to the needs of the genomics industry and custom training sessions were served, which led to another exclusive yearly security consulting contract.

National Intelligence Agency

A government agency of Oman has invited Deltaforce team for training to foster a professional cybersecurity workforce in various organizations including the country’s army, navy and air force.

Finding weakness builds up security.