Why do attackers target endpoints?

Website and mobile applications, also known as endpoints, are open to the public. As a result, they become the most useful tool for cyberattacks. By analyzing and infiltrating endpoints, attackers find a way to inject malicious code, steal data, and execute other cyberattacks.

That’s why we apply security solutions to
our mobile app and website.

The question is:

How robust is your security solution
itself against cyberattacks?

If running with the same pattern,
your security solution will
reveal its vulnerabilities,
only to get cracked finally.

Security Technology

The existing security solutions are applied to mobile apps and websites as a finished, fixed product that always runs the same way until the next update.

However, no matter how sophisticated the technology is if the same code runs in a fixed pattern, it is only a matter of time until the security solution is bypassed.


Eversafe activates a new set of security code every day. Even if an attacker analyzes the currently functioning code, before the analysis is completed, a whole new set of code replaces the current one. Therefore, any cyberattacks fall flat merely as an attempt.

Eversafe’s ever-evolving dynamic technology
protects user programs
and networks with airtight security.

Security Features of Eversafe Mobile

Code Integrity Check

Dynamic security code, which changes every day, keeps the original code of your mobile app intact against attackers’ attempts to analyze and modify it.

User Environment Protection

Tools and OS environments utilizable by attackers for app analysis are detected and blocked by dynamic security code that changes every day.

Dynamic Encryption

Data exchanged between the app and the server are encrypted differently every day.

Security Features of Eversafe Web

Dynamic Encryption

Data exchanged between the web and the server are encrypted differently every day.

Dynamic URL

URLs of a website can be used as a path to attack the internal system. Changing URLs constantly, Eversafe Web makes it difficult for attackers to locate an access point.

Webpage Integrity Check

Dynamic security code detects it if your website is corrupt by malicious code injection. Then, Eversafe stops your webpage from running, thereby blocking cyberattacks.

Always New, EVERSAFE.


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