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What if fake apps are installed without your knowledge?

What if you fall victim to a yet to be known, brand-new fake app?

You may want to run a fake app
detector to scan your device.

Conventional fake app detectors are based on blacklist detection technology.
They catch apps listed in a database of malicious mobile applications
that have once harmed their users.

However, this way,


fake apps with no record of harm to users yet



those already listed, but partially modified then newly released

cannot be filtered out.

Fake apps are well disguised
as legitimate software.

What if you become the first
victim of a new fake app?

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verifies the genuineness of all apps installed in the device by comparing the app files against the whitelist database that collects every single app released via official channels.

FakeFinder misses not a single fake app,
whether unknown, known or partially modified.


Scans your device to detect known threats by referring to the Blacklist, a database of previously discovered threats.

Unable to discover potential threats until they harm users in practice.

Fails to detect known fake apps if they are partially modified.


Whitelist-based Detection

Verifies the authenticity of all apps installed in your device by referring to the Whitelist database, which stores every app released via official channels.

Preemptively detects fake apps that have not been discovered yet.

Identifies even the smallest discrepancy between your device installed apps and their original forms.

FakeFinder scans your mobile device in real-time to find any app that is


forged to deceive users



modified from its original form

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